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Never done that with a trilogy before!  I just sat there and watched like 6 or 7 hours of the Matrix, with friends in and out watching bits too.  I'd never seen the 3rd film, only the first 2, and was initially really unimpressed with the second when i saw it in the cinema years aog so i never went to see the third.

Buuuut this time round i was way more impressed.  The first one was excellent (of course), the second one i loved this time from start to finish, and the third... was very good up until the end.  I thought it was very anticlimactic.  In fact... perhaps (at least on initial impression and the way i'm thinking of it now) one of the most anticlimactic films i have ever seen in my life.

I mean... where was the satisfying destruction of the machines? where was the proud Neo standing up and being "the One", even if the prophecy stuff wasn't true... that would make him kicking their asses all the sweeter!  But no... some weird truce which even if it WASN'T for the huge plot hole of... the machines could just be lying... is unsatisfying and leaves you kinda... yeah it just leaves a bitter taste at the end.

So overall, a great storyline, great films and great action, but just a rubbish ending, at least from a satisfying storyline point of view.  Cinematically the ending was climactic, just not in terms of what it represented.. if that makes sense.  I mean like, could you imagine if in Star Wars Return of the Jedi they just formed a truce with the Empire?  It would be like that... you'd leave like... eh!?  The whole idea of having a super evil enemy to fight is that you BEAT them in the end!!

Oh well, other than that that was seriously fun and i've never watched a complete trilogy back to back before... apart from maybe eps 1,2 and 3 of star wars but we meant to watch more but got tired lol

aaanywho, there's my critique and now the next film on my list is the third LOTR film, which i also never saw.  Coolies.

Chat later everyone =)


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Oct. 6th, 2008 03:01 pm (UTC)
I love matrix too!
I took the liberty to look at your website from the link provided in last.fm.

I love matrix a lot! Seems we have some similarities in movies to in addition to music :)

Take care,
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