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ah well! It's been a little while since I've posted on here..

I'm not entirely sure why i am really, i just thought of livejournal for some reason and thought it would be nice to let some thoughts out =)

Erm, yeah things aren't great but they're not terrible, I've got to hurry this entry a little as I'm going off to do a computer job later (at 2) so yeah, not too much time!  I've been feeling alright, still wish I had it in me to feel more carefree again, but I never manage it - life is so temperamental and I'm always scared something bad will happen or it will hurt me.  Like the fact I have no money, or no clue where I wanna go, and no gf... that sucks too.

I've been thinking a lot recently actually, about a few things - firstly about trying to encourage myself into situations where I might kinda, meet people who are like me or want to travel or do general hippyish stuff hehe - so like outdoorsy/surfer shops, volunteer work, ukhippy gatherings, things like that!  Might do me a lot of good, I don't think CEX is the best place to meet hippy types lol

On top of that, I wanna become less dependant on technology.  So i'm ditching my fancy phone, and making a lil pledge to myself to only use technology for like, trying to work out things that are OFF of technology (other... than... livejournal... i guess... lol), otherwise i get too sucked into it.

So, I'll go to some ukhippy gatherings this summer =)  I'll grab my tent and go! I'll do some more computer jobs, try to get out more... maaaybe change my job or maybe just go and see my friend in canada and go travelling with her, who knows! I dunno...

Also, I have no idea why I'm listening to Lene Marlin and I'm like a bird by Nelly Furtado lol - ok weird hehe

Ok, but once I've got my life in shape, or once it seems a bit friendly and nice, i need to relax and enjoy it =)  I don't wanna fall into the trap of ALWAYS wanting more or pushing myself just because i'm almost... USED to not being happy/content with things.  Or am I already in this trap? I dunno..  But I like these songs anyway, I think I like the more emotional approach to life, but I also have quite a lot of bubbly and happy get up and go in me, man i hope i rediscover it all ^_^

I don't really change that much do I? hehe  and I like staying the same =)  Oooo new coldplay album playing now! eee ^_^  bye all =)

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