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the destruction of erm... a hell of a lot!

i should have known, i really REALLY should have known me and laura was all going to end in tears and tons of messy agravation and bad stuff.  and man it REALLY exploded.

I just don't know what to do with that, I really really don't.  It's so complicated I couldn't begin to sum it up, i just don't even know how to explain it.  But it ended more messily than any rship or potential rship i have ever had.  But that was seriously inevitable, we were up and down so often and it was SO SO SO SO unpredictable the whole time and that was never going to stop.  We had more bumps and confusion and different events in 6 months of not meeting than in both of my long term relationships put together! Probably more than all my other encounters with other PEOPLE put together!! lol

and I just got really criminalized in chat as if I did so much so terribly wrong and was such a bad guy and wants all this bad stuff

oh, a friend of mine logged on so i think i will try to talk to her about it all, i really need company right now =)

Wow i hope my life picks up again! How did i get to this point? =S  Shouted at in chat by people claiming i have problems and stuff?  Ugh man i KNOW i'm not that messed up (and i'm not don't worry) but i need lots of nice positive things to happen and life to feel nicer to really allow me to get back to where i was and feel more like ME, and i need to move on from laura and her new guy, and put it completely behind me.

Wish me luck =)


(first entry in aaaaages! wish it was something a bit nicer =) )


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